The Company

Founded as a small carpenter’s workshop more than ten years ago, Xilema has become a company specializing in the design and manufacture of solid wood doors. Each door is custom-made according to the specific needs of the client, who is thus left the utmost freedom of customization. You can choose every detail – designs, shapes, sizes, colours and finishes – according to your specific project context.

The stability and durability of our doors is also guaranteed by the use of laminated technology, which greatly reduces the natural tensions of the wooden structure.


Our Philosophy

We have always striven to ensure a very high-quality product. The common element in both our classic and modern designs is the choice and use of solid wood, ensuring a final result that is second to none.

Each Xilema door is unique, because our manufacture starts from your needs. Customer satisfaction is our constant and most important goal.

Our Products Abroad

The Xilema products are high-quality solutions internationally appreciated. Thanks to our spirit of continuous improvement, characterized by high manufacture flexibility and innovation, we are able to offer product lines that cater for an increasingly demanding market.

A wide-ranging vision, built on solid “Made in Italy” foundations.